When is the RSVP deadline?


Can I bring a date?

While we would love to be able to include a +1 for everyone, we have to keep in mind the space constraints of our venue. Please check your invite.

Are kids welcome?

We love your kids and we love you! While we would love to have all of your children with us on our special day, we have to keep in mind the space constraints of our venue. Please check your invite.

What will the weather be like?

Welcome to Rochester, all of you out-of-towners! The weather here can be funny. During the day, the weather should be beautiful, averaging 75-85 degrees, but may get cool at night. If you’re someone who gets chilly easily, we suggest bringing a light layer for the evenings. We’ll keep this updated as we get closer to the date.

Where should I park?

We highly suggest taking an Uber or Lift to the venue, as we want you all to be able to enjoy the evening without worrying about driving. If you would prefer to drive, there is a parking lot next to the lodge with plenty of space and an overflow lot about 100 yards from the lodge.

Are the ceremony and reception locations wheelchair accessible?

The ceremony location is on grass/dirt, but the ground is flat. There is a paved path partially to the ceremony site and about 15-20 yards over grass. The lodge is fully accessible with an elevator available for our guests who can’t (or don’t want to) take the stairs. The bathrooms are fully handicap accessible.

What should I wear?

Festive Formal/Black-Tie Optional attire. Bright colors are encouraged! Please avoid wearing white, silver, gold, or dusty blue, as these are our wedding colors.

Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?

Our wedding ceremony is outdoors, but our reception will be indoor/outdoor: dinner, drinks and dancing will be provided in the lodge. There is a large covered balcony, as well as lawn space outside the lodge.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Wear what’s comfortable. Our ceremony will be on grass/dirt and the outdoor space is grass/dirt. If you’re comfortable walking on that in heels, go for it! Our reception will be indoors.

Is it okay to take pictures with our cameras/phones during the wedding?

We would love for you to take photos and share them using our social media hashtag #welcometothedojo2024. However, during the ceremony, we ask that you remain in your seats and allow our photographers to do their job. We’ve paid them a lot of money to capture our day.

Whom should I call with questions?

Jennifer Gil-Velazquez is helping us as our wedding coordinator. Please direct questions to her first.