Our Story

How we met

Kristin and Brent met on OKCupid. Brent messaged Kristin first with a very detailed message: “I like your t-shirt” (see picture right). She checked out his pictures and thought he looked like a total player (muscles on display), but after reading through his profile, he seemed like a total nerd (which she loved). After chatting for a while, Brent stopped responding. Kristin was pretty fed up with dating at that point, so she decided to delete the app. However, after a couple of days, she thought she ought to just check to see if he’d responded…and he had!

Kristin and Brent exchanged a few more messages before she gave him her phone number. They started texting and after a couple of weeks, Kristin asked Brent to meet up in person.

First Date

Their first date, Brent picked Kristin up from her apartment, which is very unusual in the NYC dating scene. She took a picture of his license plate and sent it to her roommate…just in case he ended up being a serial killer! They had their first date at Silvana, where there was live music so loud they could barely hear one another speak, but Kristin knew she wanted to see Brent again!


Brent managed to pull off a complete surprise (not easy to do when you live together, share a car, and both work from home!). Brent told Kristin that their friend Kris needed new photos for his portfolio and set up a time to go to Highland Park for a photoshoot. The day of the photoshoot, Kristin dressed in black jeans and a black tank top and asked Brent if the outfit was alright. Brent suggested wearing something lighter in color (and just happened to point out a cream colored dress in Kristin’s closet).

After a lovely photoshoot through Highland park, Kris suggested taking some photos in the Lamberton Conservatory. After a few pictures in the foliage, the atrium opened up to the large fan palms. Kris instructed Kristin to turn around so he could “capture the motion of the dress as she turned”. When she turned around, Brent was on one knee in front of her!

Photo is a selfie of Kristin wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt
The picture that started it all!

Brent Messages Kristin on OKCupid

“I like your t-shirt”


First Date

Brent picks Kristin up at her apartment. Kristin is wary of him being a serial killer; takes a photo of his license plate and sends to her roommate.


Brent and Kristin say “I love you” for the first time


Move to Rochester

Much to the dismay of their friends and family, Kristin accepted a job in Rochester and she and Brent move north (west).


Travel to Antiqua for the first time

It’s Kristin’s first trip to the Caribbean and Brent shows her around the island he grew up on.


Travel to London and Paris

It’s Brent’s first time to Europe and Kristin feels like she’s going home. Kristin also gets to meet Brent’s good friends Nick and Charlotte.


Go on a cruise!

Kristin discovers that she loves cruises (a surprise to her)! Kristin and Brent create a million wonderful memories on the ship and off.


Move into a new apartment

Just in time for the world to shut down two days later.


Adopt Cinnamon Spice

She immediately steals the spotlight as the baby.


Take up boxing

It quickly becomes a favorite sport and workout and Kristin and Brent find amazing community through the boxing gym.


Brent Proposes!

It’s a complete and total surprise to Kristin. Brent proposed in the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland park under the fan palms while our friend, Kris, photographs.


Travel to Kyrgyzstan

It’s the most amazing trip with fantastic friends celebrating the marriage of Gopi and Becca. Kyrgyzstan skyrockets to the top of the list of “best places we’ve ever been”.


Get married!

We get to celebrate our love with the people who mean the most to us. We can’t wait to share our special day with you all!