Saturday, September 7, 2024

3:00 PM

Guests start arriving

Guests are welcome to begin arriving and finding a seat.

3:30 PM


It’s time! Please join us as we say our vows and celebrate our love!

4:00 PM

Cocktail hour

Enjoy a cocktail, sign the guest book, and find your table. We’ll join you shortly!

5:00 PM

Reception begins!

Dinner, drinks, dancing! Enjoy the balcony views of the Irondequoit bay!

9:30 PM

Reception ends!

Thank you for joining us on our special day! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here…

11:30 PM

After Party!

All of our 21+ guests are invited to join us for the after party at The Playhouse. We can drink some more and play arcade games!