Bridal Party

Caiti Donovan

Matron of Honor

I’m the one who keeps Kristin tied to her roots and makes sure Brent knows exactly what he’s getting into. The OG best friend (and frienemy for a few years in the middle). The current mama to Kristin and Brent’s favorite tiny human, Harper, and Spice’s mortal enemy, Ava. I’m ready to cheers the happy couple and possibly reveal one too many things in my speech – all in the name of love and laughter!


Gopi Vignarajah

Best Man

I’ve known Brent since high school. I saw him grow up from dork to buff live in technicolor. He is one of the most down to earth humans and greatest friend I have ever known. We may not be bound in blood but we are brothers nonetheless. I am excited that I finally get to see these two wed. I knew it from the time I met Kristin that they would go all the way and that is the truth.


Lindsay Zhang


I met Kristin in Germany in our high school drama class. We faked our way through computer programming class and into each other’s hearts, where we have stayed for almost (mumble mumble) 20 years. Much to Kristin’s everlasting disappointment, I now live in Oklahoma with my husband, Phil, and son, Maxwell.


Shomari Barnes


Brent is my brother. Our connection not only runs deep through our Antiguan culture and passion for art, but more importantly our respect for each other overall.

Saying that I’m happy for Brent and Kristin would definitely be an understatement. I’m proudly honored to consider them both family, as they continuously highlight the definition of love in their own organic way. Love y’all!!


Jennifer Gil-Velazquez


Kristin is my Boo and Brent is my Bro! Two amazing real down to earth people whose love I’ve been cheering on since day one. Kristin is a beautiful, magical human with a warm heart who always gives me space to be myself and she gives great hugs! Thank you for being my Boo!!!


Jehu Brown


I have been Brent’s brother longer than I’ve been his friend. Our connection came through the world of gaming and we’ve been there for each other in the game of life ever since. Brent’s “power of will” lead him to one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met, Kristin. I’ve seen them inspire the best versions of themselves in each other. Together, they have a love that is strong and supportive. Their compatability is undeniable and I’m so happy for you both. Congratulations!


Jasmin Waye


Hi! I’m Kristin’s favorite cousin (and Brent’s soon to be favorite cousin-in-law). I live in Maryland with my mom, godfather, and fat cat Winx. I will be honest and say I have been waiting for this day for many years as I was promised early on that I would be a bridesmaid. I am so honored and excited to be a part of Kristin and Brent’s special day and look forward to meeting you all!